Campaign Draws Attention to National Debt
The national debt.  It seems so abstract.  You hear the numbers.  You know it’s not good, but it doesn’t seem to affect you directly.  But it does. is a new multi-media campaign designed to educate Americans on the size, scope, and dangers associated with America’s rapidly soaring debt.  The group is running ads on cable television and in newspapers around the country.  The group’s website also offers an easy-to-understand explanation of how large the debt is and why the nation’s debt matters as well as how it personally impacts your life.

At press time, the national debt stands at $11.9 trillion with nearly $2.5 billion in debt added on a daily basis.  As the site points out, it’s hard for those numbers alone to really affect most people.  But when you realize—as the site goes on to explain—that our national debt is now larger than the economies of China, the United Kingdom, and Australia combined, you begin to get the picture.

To learn more about the debt and what you can do to make your voice heard on this issue, go to