Leadership Institute Grad, Intern, University of Oklahoma Senior – Published in National Review

Your Leadership Institute’s summer interns still have one month left in their program, but many of them already put their training to use.

One intern, Kiara Kincaid, used her experience in LI’s Political and Fundraising Training department to write an article for National Review’s website.

Kiara is a senior at the University of Oklahoma. In her piece, she exposes the censorship tactics used by leftist professors on her campus. As Kiara explains, many of the faculty at the university undergo training on how to shut down speech they disagree with in the classroom.

Kiara’s piece reveals that even at relatively conservative universities like hers, liberal bias undermines students’ freedom of speech.

You can read Kiara’s National Review article here: https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/07/classroom-censorship-comes-to-the-university-of-oklahoma/

Young conservatives like Kiara give me great hope for the future.

Thanks to Leadership Institute donors’ generous support, Kiara was able to expose leftist bias for a national audience and inspire other young conservatives to stand up for their principles.

The Leadership Institute’s donors truly invest in the next generation of conservative leaders and make a tremendous difference for America.