One Amazing Tool to Help You Work More Efficiently Within and Across Google

Google Workspace prides itself on integration among all applications. One of the handiest integrations is Google’s quick access side panel. 

Keep your thoughts organized and stay on topic as you switch between Google products.

The quick access side panel appears to the right of the Workspace in Drive, Gmail, and Editor (Slides, Sheets, and Docs). The quick access side panel gives easy access to common useful applications such as Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. 
 These key features let you stay organized. You can make lists, take quick notes, and view and add Calendar events.  
 The sidebar can be customized even further by installing add-ons such as translation apps, grammar apps, organizational apps, and more. Install add-ons by selecting the + on the quick access side panel.  
 When you type your notes, reminders, and lists in the quick access side panel, the additions are automatically saved. Even when all Google apps are closed, the edits in the side panel will remain the same when opened again. 
 If the side panel is in the way or distracting, select the arrow on the bottom right corner of the toolbar to hide it.  
 You can learn more about this amazing tool’s full capabilities on Google’s blog.