Keep Your Cool When Things Get Heated Online
5 minute read

Whether it’s an internet troll or someone with different views, it’s important to know when it’s time to participate, and when it’s time to move on with your day.

What is an internet troll?
An internet troll is someone online who aims to make others angry. Trolls love to get people on all sides riled up just because they can. Still, not everyone who makes you angry online is an internet troll. They may just have a different opinion.
Usually people who want to discuss ideas or topics will use facts in their argument, where internet trolls will use broad generalizations that are known to get angry responses.

Decide whether or not to engage.
If there is a comment on your page or in your group with an opinion or stance you disagree with, it’s okay to write a comment in response to your stance. Remember, the comment section is not the place for a debate. Try not to respond more than twice.
Ask truly interested parties to move to Direct Messages or communicate in a place for debate. If someone is “trolling” in the comments or on one of your posts, it’s best not to even dignify them with a response. Not every comment needs to be answered. If a comment is excessively malicious or inappropriate, report and delete.

Give level-headed responses.
When you decide to write a reply, make sure you are not angry. It’s easy to quickly write out a sharp-tongued answer, but that’s not necessarily what you want. If you are mad, don’t respond right away. Walk away, take some deep breaths, and come back in five minutes.
The best way to reply, if you still choose to, is to respond with facts. Never resort to name calls or threats online, which will put you on the fast track to be banned or shadow banned. Before you hit the send button, think “would I be okay with saying this out loud?"

Make sure you stay on message.
Responding to comments is a great way to build your community, if your comments align with your online goals. Your comments must be on brand. You don’t want to send mixed messages or detract from the message you try to convey.