Lead Your Future: College Students Shape a Brighter Tomorrow

Do you want to make a difference, but you don’t think your vote is enough? According to the NY Times, less than 50% of Americans think their vote will make a difference.  Not only are they wrong, but there’s far more than just voting that you can do to make a change.

The mark you can make is far bigger than you likely realize. Youth and grassroots campaigns are absolutely vital in politics.  According to Forbes, college age voters dramatically swayed the 2018 elections with double the turnout of 2014.  

If you’re in college, it’s prime time to get involved.

Around 20 million students attend college in the US every semester. That’s 15% of the voting age population at your fingertips.  Less than one fifth of college students vote in congressional elections.  If you want your candidate elected, you can easily have a hand in making that happen. 

In Episode 7 of the Lead Your Future Podcast, you will learn about all the information you’ll share and gain, the impact you can have, and how you can start getting involved right now!

1. Help Educate Your Peers
The vast majority of people on college campuses don’t know who their representative is, let alone what they’re doing.  When students learn how policy affects them, they head to the polls in much higher numbers.   
When you help other students learn, you can easily become an expert on the relevant policy issues.  Most college students tend to have very internally conflicting beliefs.  Youth campaigns give you an opportunity to help countless students educate themselves.

2. You Can Impact Elections and Policy
Believe it or not, you can be an integral part in turning the tides of elections. 

The hours you volunteer may be easy for you now, due to class schedules; but they are invaluable to any campaign. You may be saving a campaign thousands of dollars just by volunteering some of your time. Moreover, your impact is long-term. Statistically speaking, when you start voting a certain way at 18, you’re likely to vote the same way for the rest of your life. 

When you campaign as a college student now, you help nurture fellow students into lifelong supporters of causes you believe in.

3. Learn How to Get Involved
The first step is to attend “the bootcamp of politics,” the Youth Leadership School. This will teach you everything you need to know about the ground game of youth campaigns. 

The next step is to seek out organizations like the Conservative Leadership PAC and help lead the future of grassroots movements.

Joining a youth campaign is not only a rewarding way to beef up your resume, but it’s an invaluable opportunity to help shape a brighter tomorrow. 

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