Fighting for Free Speech -- One Campus at a Time

Free speech on campus has been an issue growing in prominence over the last decade. University administrations shut down conservative speech and apply safe spaces and speech codes banning phrases like “third world,” “thug,” and “politically correct.” A politically correct list of words that bans the phrase “politically correct...” 

With the Leadership Institute’s (LI) efforts to help conservative students on campus both with the Campus Leadership Program and Campus Reform, both LI staff members and attendees of the June Wednesday Wake-up Club Breakfast were more than ready to hear the perspective of a conservative professor, Dr. John McAdams. 

John is a professor at Marquette University in Wisconsin where he teaches American Politics, Public Opinion, and Voter Behavior. That experience has given him a front row seat to the rapidly changing culture on college campuses. 

From banned words to safe spaces, John has been progressively more and more shocked by the suppression of ideas by his colleagues all over the country. 

Though he is behind enemy lines, so to speak, John has not been left out of the discrimination against conservative speech on campus. Marquette University itself has policies against verbal conduct that creates any harm or mental discomfort. 

“Isn’t a college education supposed to create some mental discomfort?” he exclaimed.

He offered some insight into the origins of liberal bias in higher education. John says it began in the 1960’s, with fascism making itself a significant presence on campuses. 

It became acceptable for liberal students and teachers to yell at conservatives and occupy buildings, not allowing them to host events. Some of these leftist activists happened to pursue careers in education and began imposing their political beliefs on young students who often lack the real world experience to refute their professors’ faulty logic. 

Though it’s uplifting to know there are a few professors out there like Dr. John McAdams, the fact that Americans are fighting to protect our free speech on campuses across the country is truly shocking. The first amendment already protects our free speech. As engaged conservatives and libertarians, it’s my responsibility and yours to take action for the next generations and do what we can to restore this right on college campuses. 

You can view the archived video of this speech on facebook.

To hear more about the urgent issues you and I face as conservatives and libertarians, come to the Leadership Institute’s next Wednesday Wake-up Club Breakfast on August 1st. We’ll hear from Larry Pratt, Executive Director Emeritus of Gun Owners of America.