Who is LI? Meet Ron.
Ron Nehring
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Title: Director of International Training, Leadership Institute
Years at LI: 3

Q. What is your position at the Leadership Institute and what is the easiest way to describe what you do to those who might not be familiar with LI?
A. I’m the Director of International Programs for the Leadership Institute.  I work with today’s and tomorrow’s conservative leaders around the world and help them to improve their skills in organizing and communicating.  We take the Leadership Institute’s proven techniques global.

Q. Did you have a different position when you first started at LI? How did you harness what you learned in that position to succeed in your current position?
A. Seventeen years ago I started lecturing as a volunteer expert faculty member for the Leadership Institute.  It was rewarding way for me to support LI after LI did so much to help me get started in my career, starting with the first LI program I attended in college nearly 30 years ago.

Q. What is your favorite part about your job?
A. As a lecturer, you can really tell when people in an audience are tuned in and really listening to what you’re teaching.  Those are the future leaders – conservatives who have the right philosophy and really want to get the skills to win.  When I’m presenting around the world, and the participants are dialed in and start asking great questions, you know they’re going to put their new skills to work.

Q. Is there something you’ve been able to do while working at LI that you never, in a million years, would think you would be able to do? What was it?
A. My team developed a presentation on how the Russian government engaged in information warfare directed at both the United States and our allies around the world.  As a result of giving that presentation, I’ve been contacted to testify before the parliament of a close American ally to shed light on how the Russian intelligence agencies and troll farms operate.  

Q. What makes LI different from other places to work?
A. LI is mission oriented.  I have the flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities to share proven public policy strategies and tactics.