Nick Freitas: the true nature of conservative philosophy
The Leadership Institute’s monthly Wednesday Wake-up Club Breakfast came again on May 2, this time featuring a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Nick Freitas.

An up and coming Republican and popular advocate of the liberty movement, Nick spoke about the foundational values and motivations we hold dear as conservatives and libertarians.  Sadly, we often forget to explain these core principles in our war with the left.  And then the left grossly misrepresents the right.

Nick illustrated three core principles that demonstrate the true nature of conservative philosophy when contrasted with the philosophy of the left.  The left’s philosophy of government control over each individual stands in stark contrast to the freedoms conservatives fight for -- individual liberty, free markets, and equal justice before the law.

“People are not just a cog in a government machine,” said Nick.  “They’re not playthings for politicians or some sort of ruling political elite to move around their cosmic chess board in order to reorient society in the way they think it should be run.”

Individual liberty, free markets, and equal justice before the law allow the individual not only freedom from the government machine, but also freedom to offer creative and individual solutions to problems.

“Government is often the most violent, least creative way to solve a problem,” said Nick.

Nick’s words reminded me why we continue to promote conservative and libertarian principles.  Our instinct as conservatives is to believe in the great potential of each person, trusting that they can choose for themselves, instead of looking to the government each time a problem arises.

Nick Freitas is one of many notable members of the movement to speak at the monthly Wednesday Wake-up Club Breakfast, including Star Parker, Grover Norquist, Ryan Anderson, Kellyanne Conway, and many more.  Watch these and other past breakfast speakers here. 

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