The Next Generation: Episode 2018
Victory in politics is the direct result of the number and effectiveness of the activists behind it.

This is one of the valuable lessons I took away from the Leadership Institute’s flagship training, the Youth Leadership School, last November. It became clear to me that this is true, and the Leadership Institute is the best source to better understand political technology. 

This drove me to pursue an internship at the Leadership Institute.

Like other interns at the Leadership Institute, I had read political books, assisted campaigns, and led a campus organization. But I knew the invaluable experience gained from the Leadership Institute would take my passion for advancing liberty to the next step and make me an effective leader in the movement.

The professional skills, networking, and daily understanding of the most effective political technology means wherever my career takes me, LI has set me up with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to make liberty win.

This semester’s class is even bringing the expertise of LI to places across the globe. “I look forward to using my training in LI to help liberty flourish in my home country, Peru,” said development intern Javier Alban.

The message of freedom is strong, and with the right training, conservatives can effectively make it a reality everywhere. 

If you would like to be part of the next generation of effective activists as a Leadership Institute intern, find out more about the program here