Conservative Heroes: Fourteen Leaders Who Shaped America, From Jefferson to Reagan

Dear Fellow Conservative,

You and I are probably exceptions.
Most people today have little understanding of America’s founding principles of limited government or of how great American political leaders have devoted their lives throughout our history to defend those principles.
Where can people learn about the heritage that made and kept our country great?  Certainly not in most schools.
Conservative Heroes: Fourteen Leaders Who Shaped America, From Jefferson to Reagan by Garland Tucker III tells readers exciting stories of conservatives from America's founding to the modern era.
All were dedicated to the principles of limited government.
At no cost to you, I have arranged for you to have online access to this outstanding book that tracks consistent conservative themes throughout American history and shows how fourteen outstanding leaders applied their philosophy through their political activities.
The book in PDF form is without cost to you.  << Download the full PDF here >>
Like me, you may prefer to read physical books, but also like me, you can sometimes read interesting and useful books online.  I knew that more people would read it online right now if I could distribute it at no cost.
If you wish to own a Kindle or hard copy of the book, you can order either version from Amazon here.

Garland Tucker, a successful businessman who is a deeply read student of history, tells the stories of fourteen leaders from Jefferson to Reagan.  Some are famous; others are important but hardly remembered at all.

You probably know other conservatives who share your interest in conservative principles. If so, please forward to them my no-cost offer of this highly educational, 202-page book.


Morton Blackwell
The Leadership Institute
P.S.  If some friends or other people you know should learn more about conservative heroes, please send them this PDF.  Or order a copy for them here.