Studio Wizard Jared Reni Named Employee of the Quarter
On Wednesday, October 18, Morton Blackwell announced Jared Reni as Employee of the Quarter at the Leadership Institute staff meeting. Strong applause met Jared as he walked to the front of the room.

"In addition to directing the Communications Training Division, Jared has gone above and beyond his job description to support every department at LI," Morton said.

"Jared has taught himself how to operate LI’s studio equipment and has made sure the equipment and resources are available to all of LI.  The work Jared has done allows for higher quality trainings, webinars, and online programs," Morton continued. "And, These additional efforts have not come at the expense of Communications Training.  Jared and Autumn held 39 training programs and trained 474 attendees in the last quarter alone."

Jared is now Director of Communications Training and Studio Programs and runs communications training with Autumn Campbell on his team.

More cheers met Morton's request to join him "in congratulating LI’s employee of the quarter -- Jared Reni."