How to Communicate With Your Liberal Friends and Neighbors – Without Alienating Them
We’ve all been there. We’ve been unfriended on Facebook during the 2016 election cycle, forced into an awkward political discussion over Thanksgiving dinner, or attacked on Twitter for making a political comment.

Yes, the current political climate is hostile; but there is a way to communicate effectively without losing all of your friends.

Keep your point clear and concise.

Rambling will get you nowhere in a heated discussion. Instead, stay clear-headed and stay on the topic at hand.

Use personal stories and experiences.  

Many you converse with will find it hard to argue against your personal experience. Tie your experience in with why you believe what you believe. You can then back up your experience with facts and statistics.

Meet emotion with emotion. 

Do not shy away from empathy. You can stand your ground while being empathetic to the concerns of the other person.

Although these three steps seem simple, you’ll be surprised at how calm and level-headed you'll feel at the end of the conversation.

Who knows? Your friend may even see your point of view!


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