3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement
You may notice a pattern every time you scroll your newsfeed. It starts with a relevant update, then an advertisement, and it doesn’t take long before a video starts auto-playing.

The biggest question on people’s minds when they see this pattern is, “How do I get my content to appear first in everyone else’s newsfeed?”

Here are three things you can start doing now:

1. Go Live

Creating a video is one of the quickest ways to grow your online presence and spread your message.

Between 2015 and 2016, video consumption on Facebook increased 800% (from 1 billion views to 8 billion views per day). Now that’s a big boost.

Making things even better, Facebook gives precedence to videos over other pieces of content. Facebook even sends push notifications when friends “go live.”

It’s very easy to use Facebook live. You just update your status as usual, click “Live Video”, make sure everything is ready in preview, and click “Go Live” (pro tip: get a stabilizer for your iPhone or camera and a microphone for less than $35).

Even if you’re camera-shy, Facebook Live can still be for you. You can create live Facebook polls very easily with free sites like MyLivePolls. Then ask your audience relevant questions and watch your engagement soar.

Video is king. Start using it!

2. Great visuals = Great social media

Almost no one will stop scrolling for a huge chunk of text. But an engaging image will get you everywhere!

Your Facebook page posts should have high-quality photos. People love great visuals more than they care to read.

You don’t have to be a design expert to create compelling visual graphics. Check out Canva.com if you are new to the design world. It’s a free and simple graphic design tool website.

Learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at the Leadership Institute. The next Digital Creative Workshop: Design is just around the corner.

3. Posting frequency

“How often should I post on Facebook?”

You should post on Facebook as often as you have quality content. Just ensure your posts are spaced out at least an hour. If you have tons of content, then posting up to 15 times per day is a good thing.

However, 95% of people don’t have the quality content (or time) to post that much. Let your content dictate the frequency of your posting.

Do your best to craft a content schedule and make it consistent. The marketplace will let you know if you’re posting too much if you’re getting poor engagement on your posts.

If you’re getting a solid number of likes, comments, and shares then try increasing how often you post.

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Let me know what you think. Have you used any of the resources/tactics above? Leave a comment below.