I remember reciting my first speech
I remember reciting my first speech – “Respect the flag . . . “ – those are the only words I remember, maybe because that’s the title. 

Although I don’t remember the words, I do remember the feeling I had as a seven-year-old reciting the poem from memory in front of judges and others I didn’t know.

I was nervous. I had butterflies. And I knew I didn’t want to mess up.

I adjusted my sparkly Uncle Sam hat and waited for the judge’s nod while my heart seemed to pound out of my chest.

I drew a deep breath and began the poem. With shaky hands I held my props and waved my little flag at the appropriate time.

And, I made it through. Whew!

(Side note: I won at this particular competition. That is my claim to fame.)

Maybe you’re like me, and just reading about public speaking makes you nervous and sick to your stomach!

Well, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, public speaking is one of the most common fears. According to Toastmasters, fear of public speaking outranks the fear of death and loneliness!

But I have great news! The Leadership Institute’s Public Speaking Workshop and Advanced Public Speaking Workshop can help.

LI has experienced faculty who can help you hone your speaking skills and give you personal feedback on your speech delivery.

So overcome your childhood fear today!

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