Recruiters hire through social media
What if I told you that Facebook has been around since 2004?  That’s 13 years!  Twitter has existed since 2006.  Even seemingly newer forms of social media like Snapchat (2011) and Instagram (2010) are not new.

Most jobseekers are only just waking up to the potential of social media for their careers. 

More and more, recruiters hire through social media.  Even if they rely primarily on job boards, you can be confident they will investigate your social media for background checks.

By failing to demonstrate your employability on social media, you are doing yourself a disservice.  In this blog, I want to focus on how you can convey your skills and expertise on social media.

During your day-to-day work life, you demonstrate your professional abilities.  You may write articles, speeches, or research briefings.  Perhaps you show your organizational skills by managing an event, or you demonstrate your communication skills by speaking at a conference.

You should post these activities on your social media, partnered with a photograph, video, or site link.  By failing to share them, you fail to give recruiters the opportunity to see you at your best.  Worst of all, you have done the work, and recruiters may never know.

Even simple gestures make a huge difference. 

If you have great coworkers or employees, for example, consider praising their work through social media.  You will demonstrate your teamwork and leadership abilities, and they can share the comment on their pages.

It is also better to share posts from your organization’s page about your skills, or praise from a respected individual.  This increases the validity of the post or tweet, rather than posting it yourself.

Opportunities to demonstrate your expertise are not limited to your day-to-day work life.  Here are some other ways you can get this across on social media:

  • Write blogs, opeds, and articles in your spare time.  Smaller journalistic organizations are always looking for stories to publish.  If you want to show expertise in a particular area, consider writing about it.
  • Retweet, comment on, and repost other people’s social media.  This is also an excellent way to engage people who can help your career.
  • Make sure you like and follow relevant organizations and people who are successful in your chosen career path.
  • Have a strong LinkedIn profile with a summary which outlines your experience and expertise.  In addition, your LinkedIn should contain a full account of your professional experiences and achievements.

Remember recruiters search your social media every time you apply for a job.  This is your opportunity to not only tell them, but show them your skills and expertise.

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