The Leadership Institute Welcomes Fall Class of Interns
Every fall, interns from all across the world descend on Washington, D.C. all looking to become the next generation of movers and shakers in the conservative movement.  Many interns quickly realize the only moving and shaking they will be doing is from the office to the break room where they’ll shake the perfect amount of sugar into the boss’s coffee.

While members of the Leadership Institute’s 99th intern class may be seen in the break room grabbing a cup of coffee, it's because they need all the energy they can get as they enter the battlefield and fight for conservative principles.

Dorcas Buzigire is an intern in the office of International Programs.  She hails from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where she practiced law before coming to the United States. 

While attending a diplomatic mission function in Dallas, Dorcas met the former governor of a Congolese province who had ties with the Leadership Institute.  In their discussion, the governor invited Dorcas to a Leadership Institute Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast. 

While touring the Leadership Institute after the breakfast Dorcas said, "I had the feeling that I was home.  I came back to LI to take the Youth Leadership School, applied for the internship, and got accepted." 

Dorcas will be assisting with trainings and recruitment for the office of International Programs and Grassroots Trainings, but for Dorcas, this internship means more. 

"I hope to apply the skills that I’m learning here to the political system in my home country and empower other young people, especially women, from my country to get involved in politics.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity of expanding my network and learning American public policy."

This internship differs from others in the D.C. area by developing successful young conservatives in three areas – marketplace skills, training, and career development mentoring.

LI interns join a department where they work alongside Leadership Institute employees on real projects building skills they can then show to future employers.  Interns are encouraged to take as many trainings as they would like and learn new skills to expand their resources.  They also receive career development mentoring to help interns grow their networks and market themselves in a competitive workforce.

The goal is that when LI interns finish the program, they are ready to join the workforce.

Tyler Arnold is using his time at Campus Reform for just that.

“Writing for the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform is giving me key experience in news reporting.  Not only do I get to experience writing, but I also get to work with editors and reporters with professional experience who can help me develop my skills and build a good network to help me find a journalism job in the D.C. area.”

While many of our interns are charging ahead on their career path, others are using this opportunity to explore what they want to do.  Ashley Behm decided to intern at the Leadership Institute after completing her education in theatre:  "I wanted to explore all the ways I could use the skills that the Lord has given to me as well as the skills I have learned along the way."

Ashley works in the Events Department where she is responsible for behind the scenes preparations for all of LI’s trainings and social events.  While consuming from the "political buffet" of trainings she is also excited to "discover what God has placed me on this earth to do; an occupation that will bring Him glory!"

Hannah Weeks, the Campus Leadership Program intern, had this to say about living at the Sacher House:  "How many 20-somethings do you know sit up all hours of the night discussing foreign policy, politics, and culture?  I know exactly nine others.  I am having the experience of a lifetime because my internship extends outside of the traditional 9:00 to 5:00 format. I am constantly learning and networking and making some of the best friends I have ever had by having the privilege of living at the Sacher Intern House."

Throughout the internship, the interns will host guest speakers, discuss conservative writings, and visit members of Congress. 

Most of the interns live together at the Sacher House located a short walk from the Steven P.J. Wood Building.  Living in this house gives interns the opportunity to bond and to learn from each other.

As my fall internship progresses, I encourage you to follow my intern class’s journey by following the Leadership Institute’s Facebook and Twitter, and the hashtag #LIinterns.  You can also use this hashtag to share advice, to share spots to check out in the D.C. area, or just follow along for a good laugh every once in a while.

If you are interested in applying for the LI Internship Program you can sign up now and be part of the best internship program in the D.C. area.