Leadership Institute welcomes summer 2016 intern class
The Leadership Institute recently welcomed the 98th intern class to Arlington, Virginia and I am personally very excited to be one of them.  My intern class exhibits diversity in age, level of education, college major, and career aspirations, but we all share one important goal in common:  we want to strengthen the conservative movement. 

Since our arrival, we have had the opportunity to get acclimated to the office and to the area by attending the annual staff retreat and participating in a competitive scavenger hunt through the city.  During our time here at Leadership Institute, we will host conservative leaders for weekly private dinners, visit Members of Congress on Capitol Hill, and complete projects of high responsibility for our respective departments. 

There are thirteen of us interns for the summer semester, many of whom are residing in the Sacher House.  The opportunity to reside in the house allows a convenient, safe place for us to stay during our time with the Leadership Institute and has proven to never allow for a dull moment.

Kelsey Mix (Fairfax, Virginia) is an intern in the Career Services department and spent her first few weeks planning and promoting an upcoming workshop titled "Conservative Intern Workshop".  A recent graduate from William & Mary, she hopes to use what she learns during the internship to land a job on the Hill.  Kelsey says she enjoys living in the Sacher House and bonding with the other interns because they “are all passionate and involved in their communities and in the movement”.

Elijah Montes, a sophomore in his home state of Louisiana, is interning for LI Studios.  His most critical duties are to maintain, manage, and operate the equipment used to film the LI Webinars, maintain the headshots for the staff and interns, and assist in the daily operations of the studio crew.

Ben Becker (Osseo, Wisconsin) recently completed his freshman year at Bob Jones University as a Business Administration major.  Ben is excited to be working with David Blair in the Youth Leadership School program.  His duties entail recruiting for the schools and ensuring that the days leading up to it go smoothly as possible.  Ben says he enjoys living in the Sacher House with the other interns because he is expanding his network and learning more about the conservative movement from his new housemates.  He is also excited to enjoy the benefits of convenient Leadership Institute trainings, such as the Intro to Campaign Data workshop.

As a group of new friends, we spent Memorial Day weekend visiting Arlington Cemetery and preparing a delicious meal together.  We also recently hosted our first speaker for dinner at the Sacher House and met with key leaders on the Hill to spread the word about the resources available at the Leadership Institute.

As one of these passionate thirteen interns, I look forward to growing my network with this group.