A Letter from Morton this Memorial Day

Please let me take a moment with you to remember our fallen soldiers and what their sacrifice means on this Memorial Day.
Thanks to our armed forces, you and I possess many precious freedoms in America.
I’ve been to dozens of countries around the world.  Yes, some of those countries are fairly safe and have modern amenities.
But many others are not.
Some are crime-ridden or war-torn.  And some have a citizenry who have over the years fallen asleep and given away their freedoms to socialist overlords.
America has our share of problems.  But I’ve always been grateful to return to a country that beats all the alternatives.
The work of the Leadership Institute cannot match the sacrifice of those who fought and died to protect the United States of America and all of us in it.
But, by the blessing of God, and with your help, the Leadership Institute will train patriotic conservatives to preserve and advance our nation’s founding principles – and make sure those who sacrificed themselves to protect those principles are honored and did not die in vain.
Thank you for taking a moment to remember with me.

Morton C. Blackwell
Leadership Institute