Win America Back – through campaign powerhouses

“I got involved in politics because of Barack Obama’s election,” said Matt Krause.  “I have four kids.  I didn’t want to be the generation that didn’t leave a better country to my children and grandchildren than those who came before me.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard conservatives tell me a story similar to Matt’s.  But I’m encouraged more Americans every day wake up to the danger our country faces and take action.

Matt Krause took the Leadership Institute’s Future Candidate School and won election to the Texas House of Representatives.

As a donor, you empower my staff and me to train thousands of conservative candidates and activists like Matt and turn them into campaign powerhouses.  Together, you and I – and the conservatives we train – advance our shared conservative principles to win America back.

The training for conservatives – and the success – you make possible

To win America back from the left, the Leadership Institute will hold numerous comprehensive training schools this year to equip campaigners and candidates for action.

For campaigners, the Leadership Institute’s Campaign Management School teaches them how to:

  • Create a strategic campaign plan
  • Build a grassroots organization of trained volunteers
  • Plan a get-out-the-vote ground operation
  • Mobilize voters to the polls
  • Win the election

“The Leadership Institute is a training ground for the conservative movement,” said Senator Ted Cruz.  “In fact, one of the ‘secret weapons’ in our upset Senate victory in 2012 was top notch volunteers and staff members trained by Morton Blackwell and the Leadership Institute.”

LI does not support or oppose candidates, but once trained, Leadership Institute graduates become hot campaign commodities and work for conservative candidates of their choice at all levels of government – on races for city council all the way up to the White House.

In LI’s Future Candidate School, aspiring candidates learn how to:

  • Assemble a network of loyal volunteers and campaign staff
  • Get on the election ballot
  • Develop a winning campaign message
  • Handle hostile news media
  • Connect with voters on a personal level

Today, 32 Leadership Institute graduates are U.S. Senators and Representatives, 18 hold statewide offices, and 422 serve as state representatives.  Leadership Institute graduates hold elective office in all 50 states – thanks to the training you provided them with your support.

The Leadership Institute’s new Campaign Academy builds on the trainings proved to create winning candidates.

LI’s Campaign Academy trains everyday Americans from Main Street America – business owners, teachers, doctors, pastors, and hard-working professionals.

This new crop of principled conservative candidates, betrayed by establishment leaders, has stepped forward to fight the liberals themselves.

Candidates in LI’s Campaign Academy learn how to run for elective office and focus on how to build neighborhood teams of volunteers, connect with voters door-to-door and over the phone, research the electorate and opposition candidates, and prepare for media interviews.

Everything is on the line in 2016

In the 2016 elections, the stakes are high.  America will either continue down the road to socialism – on which there’s a point of no return – or, conservatives will steer America back toward freedom and prosperity.

With your help, I’m doing everything in my power to build campaign powerhouses to win America back.

Since the 2014 elections, my staff has trained 554 conservatives in LI’s Future Candidate and Campaign Management Schools, and another 8,201 trained in 256 political training schools.  I have four Campaign Academies scheduled in battleground areas this year, with more to come.