Launch into 2016 as a Campaign Manager
This has been another good year for conservatives who took Leadership Institute (LI) training.  In 2015 alone, 161 conservative activists took a Campaign Management School. 

These graduates are people looking to get involved in their community.  They want to be leaders and make changes to their cities, counties, and states by winning elections -- for conservative principles.

Leadership Institute Training

After hours of lectures, these graduates left with the ability to organize a campaign -- from the moment the campaign begins to Election Day.  Better yet, LI grads learned what they have to do from day one to win and affect the public policy process.

“I will be forever grateful for the knowledge and specialized training I have received at the Leadership Institute.  LI is at the forefront of the current conservative revolution and I am proud to be a part of it,” said Florida resident James White, a recent Campaign Management School graduate.

Tori Whiting of Michigan said the March training was “a great way to get conclusive and in-depth training on campaigning.” 

Ron Ferguson of Ohio said his June participation in LI’s Campaign Management School was “the launching pad to being prepared for a campaign."

Room full of graduates

These graduates understand in order to win being trained by the experts is the key to success. 

But 2015 isn’t over yet.  There is one last chance to attend a Campaign Management school in 2015.

There is still time to join these graduates and get prepared for your next campaign.

Mistakes happen, but Leadership Institute graduates know how to respond because they have training.  They know how to have an effective strategy.  The Campaign Management School teaches just that. 

And regardless of your political experience, the expert faculty will get you ready for day one of your next campaign.

Each training day brings on a new lesson plan that will equip you with the basics to achieve success.

Day 1:  “Develop a winning campaign plan and strategy”
Day 2:  “Target and identify your voters effectively”
Day 3:  “Learn how to raise funds for your cause” 
Day 4:  “Develop effective ads and protect your candidate’s image”

Join LI next month at the Campaign Management School, December 1st through December 4th and learn how to run your own campaign big or small.  End the 2015 season with some inspiration and the know-how to take your race to the next level.

Email Angel at for more information on the training or register for the December Campaign Management School here.

The Leadership Institute offers over 44 types of training programs, working with more than 1,582 conservative student groups, and helping employers connect with conservative jobseekers.  Since the Institute’s 1979 founding, LI has trained more than 165,206 conservative activists, students, and leaders.  Graduates include members of Congress, state legislators, local officials, media personalities, and conservative organization leaders.  For more information, please visit: