LI Grad Adapts to the Rise of Political Technology

Since 2008, the rise of technology in politics has turned elections into a whole new ball game, and no one knows this better than Rachel Kania.

Rachel currently serves as the Senior Field and Technology Strategist for Rand Paul’s presidential campaign.  But she didn’t just fall into the position.

Rachel is a firm believer in starting at square one and working your way up the ladder.

Rachel grew up in an apolitical household in Spring Hill, FL.  Her passion for politics didn’t come right away.  In fact, it wasn’t until 2007 that she became drawn to political philosophy and seeking out a candidate with strong principles.  While perusing through YouTube videos, Rachel discovered Ron Paul and became inspired.

After transferring to the University of South Florida, Rachel began finding other like-minded conservative activists inspired by the Texas Representative.  Kania went on to serve with Students for Ron Paul and at Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

It was during her internship with YAL that Rachel was introduced to Leadership Institute (LI) trainings.  Out of the many LI trainings she attended, she distinctly remembers what she learned from LI’s Youth Leadership School and the Campaign Boot Camp, LI put together with YAL.

“I still have my notes from those trainings and I reference them often,” Rachel said.

The trainings provided Rachel with the knowledge to create a campaign budget, develop an effective staff structure, and how to build and spread the message.  

While describing her experience at LI, Rachel says, “What did I learn? More like, what did I not learn?”

Kania says that the first place she sends activists is to a Youth Leadership School.

When asked how LI has been helpful in her professional journey, Rachel responded with “connections.” Kania describes LI as a great networking tool and a “confidence booster.”  She further explained that the Leadership institute helped her to find more activists like herself who were passionate about seeking the truth and electing principled conservatives.

Following her time with YAL, Rachel was accepted into the Charles Koch Institute’s intern program where she helped the Bill of Rights Institute create a student forum which reached out to and taught high school and college students about the Constitution.  

Since then, Rachel has served in top positions for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and for Ted Cruz’s senatorial campaign.

Rachel Kania is also responsible for creating Uproots Strategies, LLC, which provides field planning, digital strategy, and campaign management services.  Uproots is responsible for putting the first two Republicans in history on Austin’s city council.

When asked what advice she would give potential leaders like herself, she said “Start from square one and climb… be flexible with your location and pay.  Your experience gets your name out there.”  She described her campaign experience as “building a business from the ground up.”

“The biggest obstacle was going up against the establishment’s big money and rallying activists,” Rachel said.

But, the political world is “changing dramatically,” Rachel said.  “Digital helps us access demographics we haven’t reached before.   Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is already accommodating the evolution of politics by seeking out online volunteers to help their blogging and social media team.  The campaign has even asked for volunteers to design their next t-shirt.”

Rachel Kania predicts that the political world will keep evolving in the next 10-20 years due to the rise of technology.

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