The Leadership Institute Continues the Reagan Revolution, Says Former White House Staffer

“People used to say to me, Morton Blackwell is the guy who will continue the Reagan Revolution and he’s going to do it through the Leadership Institute.”

That’s what coworkers told John Shosky about Leadership Institute (LI) president, Morton Blackwell, years ago.

John Shosky is the president of Roncalli Communications, a professional speech writer, trainer, and author of almost 3000 speeches for government officials, political candidates, and public interest advocates.



John first heard of Morton Blackwell in 1988 while working in White House public affairs on a collection of President Reagan’s accomplishments called The Reagan Record.

“They began to tell me that before the administration started, Morton, who was a friend of Reagan’s, was part of a loose pre-election kitchen cabinet that Reagan had,” Shosky said.  “Morton had the idea –  and Reagan thought it was a great idea – of trying to go beyond the 8 years of the administration and think about the future, and the future would be grassroots training for new generations of leaders, conservative leaders for the years to come.”

Over the years, the Leadership Institute has trained 162,792 such leaders under the direction of Morton Blackwell, and through the generous donations of people who believe in investing in the future by training young conservatives.

According to the numbers, and to John Shosky, the Leadership Institute has done just what people predicted years ago.  He has kept the Reagan Revolution alive and well in young leaders across the United States.

If you would like to know more about the Leadership Institute, hear more about the trainings and services LI offers, or want an opportunity to hear prominent conservative leaders speak publicly in support of what LI continues to accomplish, watch these videos featuring students and leaders LI has impacted.

The Leadership Institute offers 44 types of training programs, working with more than 1,607 active conservative student groups, and helping employers connect with conservative jobseekers.  Since the Institute’s 1979 founding, more than 162,764 conservative activists, students, and leaders have been trained.  Graduates include members of Congress, state legislators, local officials, media personalities, and conservative organization leaders.  For more information, please visit: