President Reagan on New Year's Day

On January 1, 1982, Ronald Reagan said:

“Although I know most of the world celebrates the New Year with us today, I think this holiday is an especially American tradition. Most of us are at home or with our families this morning, getting ready to watch the splendor of parades and excitement of football. Later our families will gather around the dinner table, and we'll pray for guidance and strength in the New Year. Today we take a short and well-earned break from the building and industry and enterprise that make our country strong. We pause to reflect on the values of God and family and freedom that make us great.”

Ronald Reagan was a strong president.  A man of faith, a man of conservative principles, and a man of action – who loved America and knew what made our country great.

I served for three years under President Reagan on his White House Staff.  I miss him.

But with your help, the Leadership Institute trains students, leaders, and activists who believe in the conservative principles Reagan embraced – and the principles you and I cherish today.

Those conservatives you train through the Leadership Institute work to restore our founding principles to America.  You equipped them with Institute training, and many of them won elections in 2014.  Many Institute graduates prepare now for the crucial 2016 elections.  And young conservatives push back and win against the liberals on college campuses nationwide, thanks to you.

Thank you for your friendship.  With your help, you and I will see more conservatives in the mold of President Reagan rebuild our precious country.


Morton C. Blackwell