Millennial Inspires Young Conservatives

Just a few years ago, Elliot Echols was an economics student at Berry College in his home state of Georgia, and now he is the RNC National Youth Director.

Elliot’s advice to other hardworking young conservatives aspiring to make a difference is surprisingly simple.

“The best way to get a job in politics is to show up,” he said.  “Go to your local county meetings, join conservative groups and volunteer.  People notice those who work hard and are selfless.  I was able to get my job here at the RNC by showing up and letting my previous work speak for itself.”

He also encourages friends and colleagues to attend a Leadership Institute workshop or training.

“LI is the basic training for the conservative movement,” said Elliot.  “We need more conservative warriors and the Leadership Institute is the place that creates them.”

Elliot’s own conservative career started as a college student at an LI training.

“I really started to form an ideological identity in college, where as an economics major I began to understand how the free market is the best tool for creating wealth and lifting people out of poverty,” said Elliot.

His strong belief in conservative principles is what led him to DC.

“While I was in college,” said Elliot, “my economics professor encouraged me to get involved in politics through the Leadership Institute.”

Acting on his professor’s advice, Elliot ventured to DC to attend LI’s “How to Land a Job on Capitol Hill” training.

“Grassroots conservatives are fortunate to have LI training activists on how to have the greatest positive impact possible,” said Elliot.  “The grassroots are the true heartbeat of conservative politics—without the grassroots fighting tirelessly for the values and principles we all treasure, America wouldn’t be the greatest country in the world.”

As his interest in politics grew from a hobby to a passion, Elliot started working in the conservative movement, first as State Chair of the Georgia College Republicans, then for Congressman Tom Graves, and later as a Regional Political Director for the College Republicans in the Southeast US.

Now, at the RNC, he works every day to “engage Millennials and get them involved in the political process.”

“Millennials are a high energy generation, who want to change the world.  I am most looking forward to helping direct that energy to fighting for the conservative principles that will put our country back on the right track,” said Elliot.

Elliot has worked tirelessly to make a difference in the conservative movement and his efforts have not gone unnoticed, but he attributes much of his success to his parents.  “They instilled values like work ethic, determination, honesty and other traits that have made me who I am today,” said Elliot.

Please congratulate Elliot Echols on his work as RNC National Youth Coordinator and please applaud him for receiving LI’s Conservative Leader-In-Training Award.

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