15 going on Fearless

“Make a start. It can be daunting, but everyone can make a difference,” Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose said.

As a freshman in college at the University of California Los Angeles, Lila recognized the lack of knowledge of abortion, the “greatest human rights injustice of our time.”

At 15, she decided to do something about it. So, she started the group Live Action.

Live Action uses investigative journalism to shine a light on the atrocities of the abortion industry, exposing the threats against innocent children.

One of her first projects was the creation of what is now the nation’s most prominent pro-life student publication, The Advocate.

Leadership Institute provided her with grants to start the Advocate while she was in school and LI’s Campus Representatives assisted her with getting the publication off the ground.

Lila has attended several Leadership Institute (LI) trainings including the Student Publications Workshop, the Effective TV Techniques Workshop and the Communications Workshop.

“The Leadership Institute was really helpful in helping me start The Advocate. They are a wonderful resource to students to become equipped as leaders on campus and for their country,” said Lila.

Live Action releases regular investigative pieces exposing the harsh realities of Planned Parenthood, including their facilitation of sex and race-based abortions, their cover-ups of child sex trafficking and their provision of late-term abortions.

She works to uncover the true inhumanity of the abortion industry that much of the media prefers to ignore.

Lila regularly appears on national TV segments including Sean Hannity’s nightly segment on Fox News. She is a tremendous force in bringing the pro-life message to people in a way that is relevant and captivating.

Live Action is unique in its use of undercover videos to hold the abortion industry accountable. It is hard to deny the war that abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood have waged on children and their mothers with video footage.

Lila’s incredible success is commendable on its own, but it is even more incredible that she has accomplished so much at such a young age.

Lila’s path to success was by no means easy. She endured years of liberal bias and scrutiny at UCLA and continues to fight back against the bias in the media today.

Lila’s advice to young people looking to make a difference comes in two parts, “strengthen your conviction and educate others.”

She acknowledges the importance of “diving deep into the philosophical underpinnings of your beliefs” and encourages young people to then start getting active on campus.

“You’ve done your research. You’ve done your studying. You have to share what you have learned,” she said.

Lila draws strength in her mission to advocate for life from the first words of the papacy of Pope John Paul II, “Be not afraid.”

Please congratulate Lila Rose on her work with Live Action, and please applaud her for receiving LI’s Conservative Leader Award.

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