Advancing Conservatism through Business

Ashlyn Adelman, the rising college junior at Bucknell University, has taken her Leadership Institute (LI) training into the world of business management.

“I believe conservatism is at the heart of business and I have found that many businesses agree with me,” Ashlyn said.  

She’s proof that conservative principles extend far beyond politics and policy.  And, she has found a way to apply her conservative beliefs to the field she is passionate about.

She’s currently a project coordinator intern at BrandPoint Services Inc., which is a property maintenance and property-based capital expenditure re-branding and re-imaging company.

Ashlyn attributes much of her growth as a conservative leader to an early mentor Peggy Grande, who “helped save me from the liberal California public education system’s indoctrination.” 

Peggy was President Ronald Reagan’s personal assistant for more than a decade, and is a regular faculty member at the Leadership Institute. Read her connection to LI here.

Peggy encouraged Ashlyn to attend the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School in the fall of 2012.

“LI’s Youth Leadership School really helped kick-start putting my beliefs into actions. I was no longer just a college kid with opinions, but I felt like I had the power to make a real difference on campus,” said Ashlyn, founder of Bucknell University’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter.

The following summer, Ashlyn interned at the Leadership Institute in the Events department where she helped plan the annual Fourth of July National Conservative Soiree and assisted with dozens of other events at the Institute. 

“I owe much of my success to the Leadership Institute. LI helped guide me in my conservative beliefs and showed me the applicability of those beliefs in the business realm,” she said.

Ashlyn has taken seven Leadership Institute trainings including the Youth Leadership School, the Public Relations School, the On-Camera TV Workshop and the Conservative Intern Workshop.

“Overall, LI taught me it’s not about sitting around and discussing what you believe, but how to put those beliefs into action to accomplish real goals,” Ashlyn continued. 

Please congratulate Ashlyn Adelman on her success in promoting conservative principles on her campus and in her developing career, and please applaud her for receiving LI’s Conservative Leader-In-Training Award.

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