Breaking Records & Boundaries to Take LI Training to Your Living Room
The Leadership Institute broke the all-time webinar training record for live attendees during the April 25 webinar Growing Your Digital Reach featuring lecturer Ericka Andersen, The Heritage Foundation’s digital media manager. 

One hundred eighty-one conservatives watched this live lecture online to learn how The Heritage Foundation connects with so many people, and how other conservative groups can grow their digital reach through email lists, multiple social media platforms, friends, allies, and giving back online.

Click the picture to the left to hear The Heritage Foundation’s Digital Media Manager Ericka Andersen speak about growing your digital reach.

Twitter Abuzz About #LIwebinar

Some attendees took to Twitter to live tweet Ericka’s lecture. 

The Franklin Center of Government & Public Integrity’s Outreach Manager Chris McCoy (@ChrisYMcCoy) tweeted one point she learned, “DON'T automate! Don't hook the same exact messaging to FB Twitter Instagram etc #LiWebinar Be Real.”

America’s Future Foundation (@AFF) told their followers to watch: “Happy Friday! Want to learn the secrets of growing your digital reach? Join @LeadershipInst today for a free webinar!"

Karin Davenport also thanked LI saying, “Thx for the @LeadershipInst webinar today! As Comm Dir. of @USEnglishInc, it gave us lots of great new ideas!”

Tweeted from behind the scenes in the control room at LI Studios, this picture to the right shows Ericka Andersen wrapping up her popular lecture on growing your digital reach, and Paulo Sibaja reading through the many attendee questions on twitter and email.

Video Library

Since 2011, the Leadership Institute has trained 3,450 attendees through free live webinars online, taking training to conservatives everywhere, from their living rooms to their offices, and with their local campaigns and tea party groups. 

After airing live, LI archives webinars and makes them available through the Leadership Institute’s Online Video Library.  Click below to see the archive of LI’s recorded webinars.

Watch the Leadership Institute’s archive of recorded webinar trainings in any of these categories – Activism, Campaign, Campus, Career, Communications, Fundraising, and New Media.












These webinars are free thanks to LI’s generous donors and faculty, who give their money and time to make LI training possible.  Generous Leadership Institute donors make webinars available at no cost to activists because they believe in training the next generation of conservative leaders.  LI’s speakers, experts in their respective fields, generously volunteer their time and expertise because they, like the Institute, want to increase the number and effectiveness of conservative activists in the public policy process.  As LI President Morton Blackwell says, “Political technology determines political success.”