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Campaign Leadership College
April 14-24
Arlington, VA

The Leadership Institute (LI) is the world's most successful conservative training organization, and the Campaign Leadership College (CLC) is the most extensive and most intensive program ever offered by LI. This is NOT a course for candidates for public office, the CLC was created to develop conservative senior campaign executives capable of leading the most challenging campaigns for public office. March 10-19, 2023 in Orlando, Florida April 14-23, 2023 in Arlington, Virginia APPLY TODAY: www.leadershipinstitute.org/apply/clc The CLC has brought together the nation's top campaign experts to provide nine days of intensive training in every aspect of senior campaign management. If you are a conservative seeking a rewarding and challenging career as a professional campaign manager, fundraising, grassroots, or communications director, the CLC Program is designed to give you the skills you need to be successful. Senior campaign staff are always in high demand. CLC attendance is limited to 50 students per program to ensure that our students are getting the focus and attention they deserve. So be sure to apply soon. Partial and Full Scholarships are available. You will learn how to: Professionally manage a campaign for public office Raise the required funds to finance a campaign operation Efficiently spend campaign resources Research and develop winning strategies Communicate through multiple messaging vehicles Effectively organize the grassroots to meaningfully connect with voters Write a comprehensive campaign plan Get supporters to turn out and vote on Election Day and before Election Day PROFILE AND REQUIREMENTS CLC Applicant Profile Age: no age requirement. Nationality: most all successful applicants to the CLC are Americans, we do, however, accept a limited number of international students. International applicants must obtain a referral from the Leadership Institute's trusted international partners and MUST be approved by LI's International Training Department. Education: a degree is not required to qualify for the CLC however, a degree or postgraduate degree in sociology, philosophy, political science, international relations, journalism, communications, and related fields is preferred. Language proficiency: an advanced level of English is required as all lectures at the CLC are conducted in English. Principles and values: successful applicants will share a belief in conservatism as an attractive governing philosophy which promotes liberty, free-markets, private ownership, and social tradition. Experience: successful applicants will have a minimum of 3 years' experience in the political and/or governing sphere and must have an impeccable reputation of integrity. Aspiration: successful applicants are consumed with a desire to help conservative candidates win elections; have a passion for learning history; and are committed to working on campaigns as a vocation. Expectations of CLC Attendees Respect for the investment LI Donors have made in the Program: Because a great deal of money and effort has been spent for the benefit of CLC attendees, our expectation is a 100% commitment to the program including perfect attendance at the instruction sessions and activities scheduled for them. Attendees who are negligent in effort and attendance, should expect to partially cover the cost of their participation. Registration Requirements All candidates must fill out an online application, a policy questionnaire and complete a background check. PRO-TIP: When filling out the application, it is best to compose your answers in Word, then once you've checked your work, cut-and-paste your answers into the online form. Apply online here: www.leadershipinstitute.org/apply/clc Letters of recommendation are not required but can be very influential in the selection process. Letters of recommendation must be completed by persons who have first-hand knowledge of the candidate's background and skills. Selection Process Applications will be evaluated by the Selection Committee for the CLC, made up of LI staff and faculty members. Notification of the Committee's decision will be sent to all candidates approximately 30 days before the start of the course.

LI's Internship Program

The Leadership Institute’s intern program offers successful applicants the opportunity to work on projects of high responsibility in one of the Leadership Institute’s departments such as Digital Training, Professional Services, Development, Campus Reform, International Training, and more.

In addition to a full workload, interns receive personal mentorship; hosting conservative leaders at private dinners, tours of the White House and Capitol Hill, access to LI trainings, and weekly book discussions.

An LI internship includes:

  • Free housing at the Sacher House, located a short, 10-minute walk from LI
  • $825 stipend per month
  • Free tuition to all LI trainings for one year
  • $200 book allowance to build your conservative library
  • Private dinners and lunches with conservative VIPs
  • Projects of high responsibility
  • Priority status in LI's Employment Placement Services

For more information about the program, please contact Alysia Martin.

How to apply:

  1. Send your resume and cover letter to internships@leadershipinstitute.org
  2. Attend the Leadership Institute's Youth Leadership School, the boot camp of politics for young conservatives prior to the application deadline.
  3. Complete the Leadership Institute's PPQ: LeadershipInstitute.org/PPQ

Application Deadlines:

Spring 2023

January 9th - April 14th

Application Deadline - December 19th

Summer 2023

May 15th – August 18th

Application Deadline - April 7th

Fall 2023

September 11th - December 15th

Application Deadline - August 25th