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Debate Workshop

Learn how to win your debate at the Leadership Institute’s Debate Workshop taught by speechwriter Dr. John Shosky.

The Debate Workshop takes place at the Leadership Institute’s Steven P.J. Wood Building located in Arlington, VA.

Dr. John Shosky, a speechwriter for three presidential administrations, will be your instructor for this informative and hands-on workshop.

You will learn the essential elements of debate during an introductory lecture. You’ll analyze successful and unsuccessful debate techniques using real-life examples. You will then have an opportunity to deliver and to defend a winning opening and closing statement.

Who it’s for:

  • Political strategists and advocates
  • Policy experts
  • Current or future elected officials and candidates
  • Anyone preparing for an upcoming debate

How you’ll benefit:

  • Learn how to win your debate
  • Effectively communicate your platform to your audience through strategy and preparation
  • Develop a solid opening statement
  • Debate your opponent through Q&A
  • Handle the unexpected and stand your rhetorical ground

What to expect: In this full-day workshop, you will receive the essential skills to develop a winning argument at your next debate. After the lecture portion of the workshop, you will prepare an opening statement for the given topic during a working lunch. Next, you’ll practice your statement in an exercise by delivering your opening statement and taking questions from your peers. The instructor will give feedback during this debate exercise.

What’s included:

  • Welcome packet and notepad
  • Notes and training materials
  • Personal critique of your opening statement
  • Breakfast and lunch

Cost: $60.00*

*Ask about student and group rates.

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