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Online Training: Comprehensive Email Marketing Bootcamp

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What you will learn

Get all your questions about getting started with email marketing (a weekly newsletter, event invitations, and more!) answered ... from the comfort of your home. In this three-day, online training -- which you can sign into online from anywhere in the world with wifi -- you'll learn how to get up and running with email marketing.

Day One: Your Email List Management Strategy (3pm to 4:30pm Eastern) -- What's so important about your email list? How can you best use it to advance your cause or organization? You'll learn:
  • how to evaluate an email list's performance or set up an email program from scratch;
  • the different types of emails you can send … and when you should send each; and
  • what email analytics reports show you – and how to use that information to make your list management decisions.
Day Two: Crafting Great Emails (3pm to 4:30pm Eastern) -- Learn how to write a great email, quickly and easily, every time. In a mix of copywriting lessons and tech tips, you'll learn:
  • how to craft compelling subject lines and calls to action;
  • best practices for including photos and video quickly and easily; and
  • three common mistakes that might be holding you back – and how to fix them.
Day Three: Finding and Keeping Email Subscribers (3pm to 4:30pm Eastern) -- The top question you're likely to have is how to increase the number of people on your email list. Learn a mix of no-cost and low-cost methods to growing your email list. You'll learn:
  • three different ways to get more subscribers;
  • how to run low-cost online ads to get more sign-ups; and
  • how to automatically welcome your new subscribers.


Starts Tuesday, December 4

Tue 4:   3:00 PM  - 4:30 PM EST
Wed 5:   3:00 PM  - 4:30 PM EST
Thu 6:   3:00 PM  - 4:30 PM EST


This training is online.




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