Harmony Shields -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Harmony Shields has a broad background not only in campaigns and local politics, but also in the full curriculum of the Leadership Institute course offerings.  Before joining the staff as a grassroots instructor, Harmony had taken most of the campaign-related classes, including:  Future Candidate School, Comprehensive On-Line Activist School, Advanced New Media Workshop,  High Dollar Fundraising School, Voter Mail Workshop, Public Speaking Workshop, On-Camera Television Workshop, the full, week-long Campaign Management School, and others.

Harmony put those skills and talents to work in a wide array of campaigns in her native Alaska and elsewhere.  She served on the national team and was state director for Herman Cain's presidential campaign.  Prior to that, she had managed and worked as staff on several local races, a U.S. Senate campaign, and she also worked on the Draft Jim DeMint for President campaign.

She has been involved in the full gamut of political work:  volunteer recruitment, GOTV planning, event coordinating, campaign strategy, phone banking, campaign/candidate scheduling, just  to name a few.  Most important, Harmony has been using her experience and skills set to train political operatives in Alaska and at the Leadership Institute to be more effective activists.

Before moving from Palmer, Alaska to work at the Leadership Institute, Harmony was treasurer in her local Republican Women's Club.

Harmony Shields