LI Trained 230,788 Graduates Since 1979
Did you know the Leadership Institute (LI) offers 47 different conservative training programs? And did you know that LI training continued strong in 2020

In 2020, LI helped prepare 14,874 trainees – students, activists, and leaders – to win for their conservative principles. LI provided an average of 41.9 hours of live training every week.

LI training gives committed conservatives the tools they can use to be successful in campaigns, the media, and public policy. 

Nothing about 2020 was easy, but thanks to LI’s experience, skills, and donor support, LI pivoted smoothly into increased online training while continuing in-person training where possible. 

LI’s training falls into two major divisions: Campus Programs and Political Training

Campus Programs is by far LI’s largest program, with Campus Reform (CRO) its most visible component.

Conservative students often face intimidation and hostility in an arena once prized for open debate, intellectual curiosity, and balanced discourse.

The Leadership Institute helps conservative students fight back against liberal abuse and bias on campus, training them with proven techniques.  The Campus Leadership Program (CLP) organizes conservative students and trains them to restore balance on American campuses, making them once again places for freedom of thought and diversity of opinion.

Campus Reform (CRO) uses a news platform and a national network of conservative investigative student reporters to expose flagrant examples of liberal abuse and bias on college campuses. 

You may have seen LI’s Campus Reform reporters, who appear often on Fox News.

In 2020, Campus Reform published 1,957 stories, earned 6,106 republications in other media and 461 national and local TV hits – and 36 victories.  A victory is defined as any policy change, apology, or administrative/faculty firing resulting from Campus Reform coverage.

Campus Reform’s website attracted 11.8 million pageviews; Campus Reform’s YouTube channel attracted 34.2 million views.

LI’s National Field Program trains student leaders to organize conservative student groups and teaches them how to combat liberal bias at America’s universities.

In 2020, LI’s field program now includes 2,001 active student groups, with 287 new groups added, and 29,837 conservative students newly identified. Students held 2,648 on-campus events and 1,219 online events.

Youth Leadership Training recruits promising conservative students and teaches them proven techniques to organize and lead conservative youth organizations and activities for candidates and causes of their choice. 

In 2020, LI’s Youth Leadership Workshop (a 3-hour session) trained 1,042 students. LI’s Youth Leadership School (YLS – 29 hours of intensive training) trained 428 select student leaders, with 71 YLS graduates going on to work on conservative campaigns – that includes 16 Youth Coordinators.

LI’s Normandy Coalition helps students fight for free speech on college campuses.  

LI leads the Coalition of 30 groups which includes 5 pro-bono legal defense organizations, 15 national conservative youth organizations, and 10 conservative non-profit organizations.

Since its creation in 2017, the Coalition has held 9,384 campus speaker events using 4,197 conservative speakers on 681 campuses.
Forty-seven anti-free speech protestors have been arrested. Damages from 34 lawsuits filed in protection of free speech total $816,800, with 52 free speech victories on record.  

LI’s Political Training encompasses all programs not included in the Campus Program: Activism, Campaign, Communications, Career, Fundraising, and Digital. All combined, these trainings produced 6,428 of LI’s total graduates in 2020.

Notable LI graduates include Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-02), Jim Jordan (R-OH-4), Kat Commack (R-FL-3), Katherine Timpf (Fox News), Amanda Carpenter (CNN), and Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch).

If you are motivated in 2021 to use your talents for conservative activism either on campus or in your community, visit LI’s website for the complete list of 2021 trainings available. They are low-cost or no-cost to you, thanks to Leadership Institute donors.  

Go to and sign up now to be successful in 2021 and for years to come.

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