4 Tips to Use in Your Next Online Meeting
5 minute read

Look like the professional you are while you participate in online meetings.

Camera Location 

Whether you are using a separate webcam or the one built into your laptop, make sure the camera is at eye level.

This may mean putting some boxes/books under your laptop, but it is worth it. A camera at eye level provides a flattering angle and is how your coworkers would view you if you were in the office.

Make sure your face is well lit, and visible. The light should be behind your webcam aimed at your face. Ideally, your light will come from a window because natural light is the most flattering.
You can also purchase a ring light for a more professional appearance. When purchasing a light, find one that changes the intensity of light and brightness.  
If you wear glasses that get the ring glare, a bar light is a great alternative that will reduce the glare on your glasses. If you do not have time to buy a light, you can always use floor lamps to get the desired effect.

You want your background to be professional and not too distracting. Sit in front of a blank wall and make sure there are only simple things behind you.  
Remember to avoid a cluttered background, the focus should be you and not your background. Bookshelves, plants, and paintings are great ways to create a virtual office background.
Remember Camera Etiquette 

When you are speaking, speak to your webcam, not to the screen. Put a sticky note behind your camera with some eyes drawn on to help you remember where to talk.  

Unless you have turned off your camera, you should always be sitting in a professional way. Avoid leaning on your hand or putting your head down on the table at all costs.