Scooter Schaefer: LI Helped Me Progress in Each Stage of My Career

Scooter Schaefer is on the front lines fighting liberal bias in the media every day.  His turf: the internet.  His work: communications marketing coordinator for the Media Research Center (MRC), a leader in documenting, exposing, and neutralizing liberal media bias.

Scooter’s special focus at MRC is a new project, which he describes as “a major drive to demand fair election coverage of the 2012 presidential election.”  He added, “One key component to our fair election coverage campaign will be social media, which is where I come in.”

Scooter is a graduate of four LI trainings, two of which were focused on new media.

“I can attest that the Leadership Institute training I received is first-rate and has had a direct impact on my professional development,” Scooter explained. 

“While all of the classes have benefited me in one way
or another," Scooter said, "the Comprehensive Online Activist School and New Media Workshop provided me with the training and tools I needed to take the next
step into a career in social media and politics.”

Scooter continued, “The training that LI provides is unique in that they offer real and effective political
training by conservative leaders in the movement. There is no better place to receive interactive, hands-on political training from experienced conservative leaders than the Leadership Institute.”  

“As a young activist hoping to break into conservative politics in Washington D.C., the Leadership Institute provided me with practical and useful training as well as access to leaders in the conservative movement,” Scooter said.

Of course, Scooter did not always dream of a move to Washington, D.C. and a career in politics.

“I grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota, went to high school in Burlington, Vermont, and eventually settled in the D.C. metro area after attending college at George Mason University,” he said.  

After a post-graduation backpacking trip through Europe with his wife, Scooter came home with a “new-found appreciation for America,” and ended up working for a Member of Congress, as director of communications for ProEnglish, and – ultimately – the Media Research Center, where he can combine his interest in politics and social media.

You too can take the same training as Scooter by attending this Wednesday’s Advanced New Media Workshop: Campaigns offered at LI’s Arlington, VA office.

Or you can register for LI’s Comprehensive Online Activist School February 27-28.

LI’s New Media Training Coordinator Carol Wehe said, “LI's expert new media faculty are founders of digital technology consulting firms, presidential campaign staffers, and consultants with first-hand political experience.  Scooter and many other LI graduates have grown careers and expanded the conservative movement through strategies they learned at trainings like the Comprehensive Online Activist School and Advanced New Media Workshop.”

Want to jumpstart your career in politics like Scooter?

Scooter credits LI’s resource for his career in politics and social media.

“For any young conservative activist eager to get involved in politics, ConservativeJobs is a critical job placement service and resource that should not be passed up,” Scooter said.  “ConservativeJobs not only helped me land my first internship, but it has helped me progress in each stage of my career in conservative politics.”   is where employers and
    jobseekers connect online. 

Employers post openings and search for conservative employees using the resume database and robust 200-question public policy questionnaire, at no cost to either employers or jobseekers.

Create your jobseeker or employer account today.  Contact LI’s Director of Employment Placement Service Emily Miller for questions.

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