Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner tells LI supporters: "Politics is not a spectator sport"
Yesterday a crowd of 104 conservatives braved the early morning stormy weather to hear The Heritage Foundation’s President Dr. Edwin J. Feulner speak at the Leadership Institute’s monthly breakfast.  

“We need to work harder and smarter than our intellectual adversaries,” said Dr. Feulner.  “We have a lot more tools today that we used to have, whether it is talk radio or the ability to reach out…through the Internet directly to people—the younger generation.”

Deemed a “titan” in the conservative movement by LI President Morton Blackwell, Dr. Feulner reminded the audience of the importance of institutions like LI and The Heritage Foundation.

Changing policies is not an easy task, but through the collaboration of think tanks and training facilities, it is possible.  “That is one of the reasons,” Dr. Feulner said “why Morton and Helen should be so rightfully proud of the fact that [almost] 100,000 people have graduated from their schools now.”

Click here to watch the full video of yesterday’s breakfast.

“You need institutions that are around that are going to outlast the politicians.  You need to be able to say, ‘whether your name is Bob Michael or Newt Gingrich or John Boehner or Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan or whatever it is, there are places you can go to get the right kind of information.  You need long term institutions.’”

Dr. Feulner and Morton share the same philosophy: In order to be successful, the conservative movement has to add and multiply, not divide and subtract.  To meet this goal, Dr. Feulner wants to target the younger generation.

“We’ve got to convince the younger generation that we’ve got the right answers,” Dr. Feulner said.  “We can do it.  We can pass freedom on to the next generation, but the only way we’ll do it is by…reinforcing and reinvigorating everything we believe in because politics is not a spectator sport.”

To close on a positive note, Dr. Feulner gave the audience these parting words: “I think we will win, but in Washington there are no permanent victories.  Never assume the other side is standing still.”

The next Wake-Up Club Breakfast, scheduled for October 5, will feature Congressman Tim Huelskamp, a Republican from Kansas’s 1st Congressional District.  For more information and to RSVP, please go here.