How to Get Your Master’s Degree without the Leftist Slant

Your level of education often defines the opportunities available to you. 

The Monday after my graduation, I began working in an Amazon warehouse. During my initial training and orientation, senior management made it abundantly clear that the fast-track to promotion (a hot commodity considering the physical workload of the average employee) ran through the halls of higher education. 

Furthering your education while you balance an active professional life can be complicated when you’re already well underway on your chosen career path. 

To further complicate things, you and I live in a world of political bias and rampant intolerance in academia. As a conservative, the idea of being constantly excluded on campus may be intimidating.  

The good news is, you have options when you’re looking for that Master’s degree. 

Today, I hope to help you overcome the limitations that an active work life and being a part of a philosophical minority can present as you look at graduate programs. Below, I will explore the opportunities provided by a few institutions known to be philosophically open, if not reliably conservative.  

1. Hillsdale College School of Government 

Located in Washington, D.C., the Steve and Amy Van Andel School of Government is a graduate school run by Hillsdale College. The campus is within walking distance of the U.S. Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, and Union Station. 

The school’s goal is to prepare its students to further the work of restoring constitutional self-government in the United States. 

The only program available is a Master of Arts (MA) in Government. Classes are offered in the evening, and Saturday seminars are provided to accommodate the working schedules of the attendees.  

The typical duration of the program is 2.5 to 3 years, and the average tuition and fees are $25,420. However, scholarships up to full tuition are readily available to accepted applicants.

2. Liberty University 

Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University is a private evangelical university. It is known as a consistently conservative institution, with more than 87% of university employee’s donations going to conservative candidates in the 2020 election, according to Leadership Institute’s (LI) Campus Reform.  

The majority of the university’s students attend virtually. As to the graduate programs offered, Liberty provides online tracks to obtain such degrees as: 

  • Juris Masters 

  • Master of Business Administration 

  • Master of Arts in: 

    • History  

    • Government  

    • Geography  

    • Military Operations  

The average tuition and fees for the graduate programs were $8,349 for the 2020-2021 academic year. For military service members, the price is reduced to $275-$300 per credit hour. 

3. Purdue University Global 

Purdue Global is a public, non-profit university run by Purdue University. All courses are offered online, allowing for a personalized schedule. 

Purdue Global boasts of more than 25 areas of study, with degree options including the following:  

  • Master of Science in Legal Studies 

  • Master of Science in Management and Leadership 

  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice 

  • Master of Business Administration

The average cost of tuition and fees was $9,618 for in-state (Indiana) students and $10,674 for out-of-state students in the 2020-2021 academic year. For members of the military, Guard, Reserves, as well as veterans, tuition rates are cut by 14% to 30% per credit. Similarly, rates for military spouses are reduced by 10% per credit. 

4. Texas Tech 

Texas Technical University is a public university in Lubbock, Texas. It is reliably conservative, with more than 58% of employee donations going to conservative candidates during the 2020 elections, according to Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform

Texas Tech offers more than 100 master’s degrees, 60 doctoral degrees, and 60 graduate certificate programs. Many options are available with in-person, online, and accelerated tracks to earn an MS, MA, MBA, PhD, or JD. 

For graduate programs, the average cost of in-state (Texas) tuition and fees was $9,350, or $17,530 for out-of-state.  

In comparison to the other universities on this list, Texas Tech provides more robust STEM training, as well as interdisciplinary degree options. 


5. Baylor University 

Baylor University is a private Christian school located in Waco, Texas. It offers more than 100 post-graduate programs, with an average tuition of $36,936 during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Apart from their in-person classes, Baylor offers a wide range of online programs. I’ve listed several here: 

  • MA in Journalism 

  • MSCS in Computer Science 

  • MBA in: 

    • General 

    • Cyber Security 

    • Executive Communication 

    • Global Trade and Supply Chain Management 

    • Marketing

6. The Institute of World Politics 

The Institute of World Politics (IWP) is a graduate school located in Washington, D.C. It’s focused on master’s programs to equip leaders for national security, intelligence, and international affairs. 

The typical cost for a Master’s degree is $67,600 for the full two year program, though IWP does grant scholarships and tuition discounts for military, military spouses, law enforcement, as well as federal government employees. Leadership Institute graduates can also get a $200 discount per credit hour. 

The Institute’s mission shows a strong commitment to America’s founding principles, reality-based foreign policy, and a solid sense of ethics. 

IWP offers several degrees, some in person in D.C. or VA, and others online. This includes a Master of Arts in: 

  • Statecraft and National Security Affairs 

  • Statecraft and International Affairs 

  • Strategic Intelligence Studies

  • National Security Affairs 

  • Strategic and International Studies 

  • Statecraft and Strategy 


Are you interested in more university news? Visit Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform website. If you’d like further help advancing your career, get advice and training with Leadership Institute’s Career Team.