How to Navigate Telegram: 5 Useful Tools & Tactics
In the era of Big Tech, the popularity of encrypted and secure messaging services continues to skyrocket. One of these new services is called Telegram.
Telegram, a free mobile app, is an industry leader in speed and security. Telegram is for “everyone who wants fast and reliable messaging and calls,” according to their website.
When you use Telegram, you can send messages, photos, videos, and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc.). You can also create groups for up to 200,000 people or channels to broadcast to unlimited audiences.
Below for you are five useful tools and tactics to get the most out of Telegram.

1. Organize Your Conversations

To create a folder to organize your conversations, select “Settings” at the bottom left of your home screen. After that, tap “Chat Folders.”
To see all of your chats together (without folders), you’ll find them in “All Chats.”
2. Schedule Your Messages

Choose a time to send a message to yourself or to other users. To schedule a message, compose it and hold down the send button. A “Schedule Message” option will appear. Select that and set a time to deliver your message.
To send a message to yourself, go to “Settings,” tap “Saved Messages,” and repeat the process.
3. Send More Video and Audio Messages

Find the microphone or camera icon at the top right of your mobile keyboard. To toggle between video and audio, tap the icon. Hold down the icon to begin recording. Release it, and it will automatically send. To delete it while you are recording, swipe the icon to the left and discard the message.
If you mistakenly send a message, you can remove it. Simply tap and hold that message and select “Delete.”
4. Use Group Polls to Increase Engagement

Locate the attachment (paper clip) icon on the bottom left corner and tap it. From the list of options, select “Poll.” You will be in a page that says “New Poll” at the top. Here you can create your poll, adjust its accessibility, and even its anonymity.
You can even select “Quiz Mode”, which allows a poll to have right or wrong answers to a question.

5. Exchange Contact Information on Telegram

Select “Contacts” at the bottom left of your homepage. In your contact list, you’ll see an option labeled “Add People Nearby.” When selected, a list of people near you appear. Tap on their profile and add them to your contacts. To add someone, they must also be at the same page on their device.
If you are worried about who can see your phone number, you can adjust the privacy levels in settings.