Activism Success: On-Campus Coalition WeRoar Fights Back
As a conservative student on a college campus it can feel like you are all alone. 

Even when you join a conservative group, the task of fighting back against a school administrator’s unconstitutional policy or liberal bias can be frightening.  

At Clemson University, conservative student groups have come together to form a coalition -- WeRoar -- to fight back.  The coalition consists of Clemson’s Turning Point USA and Young American for Liberty chapters, in addition to a conservative school newspaper, the Tiger Town Observer.

Co-founder Clayton Warnke describes the goal of WeRoar to “effectively target the encroachment of our liberties, especially as they pertain to the first amendment, by streamlining our collective efforts into a simple message to attract broad support from the student body and community alike.”

These conservative student groups mobilized their forces to tackle the unconstitutional restrictive free speech policies when school administrators attempted to shut down a man praying with students; WeRoar organized a protest. 

The Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform also covered the story. 

As a result, WeRoar has been working with school administrators and student government to remove the unconstitutional speech codes on their campus. 

Due to the success of WeRoar at Clemson, members are excited to help conservative students at the University of South Carolina in forming a campus coalition of their own, WeSpur, to fight against liberal bias and unconstitutional policies on their campus.

The WeRoar Coalition is also working to expand to other campuses.

If your group is interested in starting a similar coalition and increasing your group’s membership, contact your Leadership Institute Field Coordinator today.