Activism Success: Young Conservatives Start the Semester With Outreach and Activism
A healthy conservative student group can be difficult to maintain.  With students naturally leaving every year, recruitment is key to your conservative group’s success.

Every semester thousands of new students come to campus, and your student group should make an effort to reach out to those students.
 The Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas Tech started the semester with a bang.  To start the year, they held a Remembering 9-11 event.  



They also hosted a free speech ball activism event and a “PC” police activism event, along with a Turning Point USA group. 

These events have resulted in hundreds of new signups of potential members.
 The Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas Tech capped it off by hosting Milo Yiannopoulos for his college tour.  Over 400 students attended.
To learn how to host these kinds of events on your campus contact me or your Regional Field Coordinator.