Award winning month at Campus Reform
The Leadership Institute's Campus Reform continues to be a roaring success as it celebrates an award-winning and record-breaking month. Three Campus Reform staff members received internal and external recognition of their excellent work.

The numbers alone are superb. So far in 2016, Campus Reform reports of liberal bias and abuse on college campuses created media pressure which resulted in 28 conservative campus victories.  Campus Reform staff and student contributors also discussed stories in television interviews 108 times, and the Drudge Report featured 24 stories.

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Sterling Beard was named LI’s employee of the quarter, due to the success of the project.

“Sterling has shown outstanding leadership managing a Campus Reform staff who continue to break records and expand the site’s media presence and influence,” said Morton Blackwell when he announced Sterling’s award.

Red Alert Politics also honored two additional Campus Reform staff members in its 2016 30 Under 30 list:  Campus Reform’s Program Coordinator, Laura Falcon, and the Leadership Institute’s Director of Campus Outreach, Cabot Phillips.

Laura Falcon primarily manages the Campus Correspondent Program, which recruits and cultivates conservative student journalists across the country to investigate and report liberal bias and abuse for Campus Reform.  She’s recruited 64 Campus Correspondents so far this year.

“Every morning, I ask myself, ‘Who can I help and how?”’  Laura told Red Alert Politics.

Cabot Phillips, Director of Campus Outreach at the Leadership Institute, regularly appears on Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network to discuss Campus Reform stories.

Cabot helped spearhead a successful social media campaign for LI’s Campus Leadership Program and successfully got LI’s #LiberalPrivilege hashtag trending on Twitter twice, on October 12 and October 19.  The #LiberalPrivilege Twitter blitz encouraged conservative students to highlight the special treatment given to liberals on campus and throughout the country.

The hashtag went viral.  Within two hours, #LiberalPrivilege was trending nationally, and was used 66,520 times in seven days, appearing to more than 6 million Twitter users.  The trending hashtag was covered by USA Today, MTV, and the Media Research Center.

It’s clear that much of Campus Reform’s extraordinary success is due to its extraordinary people and the Leadership Institute's donors.  Congratulations to the entire team for keeping The Leadership Institutes's Campus Reform America’s #1 site for campus news.