Digital Communications Workshop Fills F.M. Kirby Training Center
Jami Averwater
September 6, 2016
Digital Communications Workshop Fills F.M. Kirby Training Center
Eight seconds.  That's all.  

Either my email grabs the reader's attention, or I've lost them.

Without a doubt, one of the best perks of being a Leadership Institute intern is the convenience of high-demand classes like “Digital Communications Workshop: Email Marketing.”  In one full day, I learned from presentations filled with information on email communication by top strategists in the field.

When done properly, email marketing has the potential to have forty times more return on investment than that of the major social media outlets, one speaker told us.  If that announcement alone wasn’t enough to convince me to pay close attention to the lectures which followed, the biographies of the speakers would do the job.  Aidan Quinlan-Walsh, a Client Strategist for Engage, spoke on the topic of email acquisition. 

He taught us how to

  • evaluate an offer to rent or purchase an email list;
  • practice for acquisition campaigns; and
  • measure the effectiveness of gathered analytics.

His main goal of the presentation?  Ultimately, he showed us how to take advantage of the platforms available to us in order to reach people successfully.

Carolyn Kincaid, a copywriter, taught us how to cultivate subscribers using effective content.  To do this, she recommends ditching the traditional “newsletter style” email blasts and capitalizing on the excitement of the person on the receiving end of the email.

My fellow workshop attendees packing the classroom included non-profit employees from Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas, college students from multiple regions of the U.S., and many Leadership Institute staff. 

As always, the list of lecturers at this workshop impressed me.  Together, the speakers brought perspective, energy, and a combined experience of over six decades.  

I left the workshop that day feeling like I could tackle the world of digital communications, and I found myself using many of the tools I learned during the weeks of my summer internship. 

 Jami Averwater was a summer intern in the External Affairs Department for the Leadership Institute.  Find more digital workshops you can attend by visiting the Leadership Institute's Digital training page

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