Youth Leadership School Director Named 2015 Employee of the Year
Each year, the Leadership Institute recognizes one staff member for achievements that surpass all expectations. 

At the winter quaterly meeting, founder and president Morton Blackwell announced that the 2015 Employee of the Year is Youth Leadership School Director Daryl Ann Dunigan.

In 2015, the Leadership Institute hosted 41 Youth Leadership Schools attended by 1,072 students from around the country and around the world.

"These impressive numbers set two new records for most students trained and the most of their particular school held in a single year,” Morton announced after the applause. 

The Youth Leadership School and Campus Leadership Program departments spent an average of three weekends a month training activists and student leaders, sometimes hosting two or three Youth Leadership Schools a weekend across the nation.  Without dedicated leadership, this would not have been feasible.  Daryl Ann and her team had an excellent year of recruiting and training.

“These results would not have been possible without tireless work ethic and great leadership,” Morton said before giving Daryl Ann her award and a vase of flowers. 

Congratulations Daryl Ann!

Daryl Ann Dunigan is currently the Youth Leadership School Director at the Leadership Institute, where she is responsible for identifying, recruiting, and training students across the nation.

Prior to working for the Leadership Institute, Daryl Ann worked as Campaign Manager for Jeff Thompson’s successful State Representative campaign in Louisiana.  She was the Youth Coordinator for Congressman Andy Harris’s campaign in 2010.  She also was a summer intern with the Youth Leadership School department and John William Pope Civitas Institute.

Daryl Ann graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Political Science and Communication Studies.