2015 Accomplishments
Another exciting year for the Leadership Institute is on the books! 

In 2015, the Institute trained more than 10,000 conservatives, set new records in the Campus Leadership Program, and expanded its career services -- all thanks to the generous support of LI donors.

LI’s staff and 320 volunteer faculty trained 10,253 students -- totaling 102,058 hours of student training.  The Institute trained 8,322 students nationally and 1,931 students internationally, bringing the total trained to 171,185 since 1979.

Leadership Institute training numbers

In total, LI offered 283 training events representing 42 types of Institute trainings.  These ranged from on-camera TV trainings to week-long Campaign Management Schools to grassroots activist workshops to the Youth Leadership School, the boot-camp of politics.

The Institute also launched a new type of training: Campaign Academies.  These intensive academies combine five weekends of in-person training with online seminars so candidates and campaign staff learn how to win races for elected office.  

Campus NumbersOn college campuses around the country, LI’s National Field Program staff identified 53,986 new conservative students and added 491 new student groups to LI's unique network of affiliated conservative student organizations.  By the end of 2015, this network of conservative student groups had grown to 1,732 -- an all-time high.

The Youth Leadership School set a new record.  In 2015, 1,072 conservatives attended 41 trainings -- the most students trained at a Youth Leadership School in a single year.

CampusReform.org remains America’s #1 source for campus news online. Its 886 stories – many written by 60 campus correspondents – about liberal bias and abuse generated 11.5 million pageviews.  In total, CampusReform.org’s reporting led to 26 victories for conservatives on college campuses, 15 hits on the Drudge Report, and 101 appearances on TV. 

CRO numbers

More than 2,585 job seekers connected with 2,195 available jobs on the Institute’s ConservativeJobs.com. The Career Services Center hosted 569 attendees at job fairs and offered 271 hours of personal career mentoring. 


Conservative Jobs' numbers

Viewers from all 50 United States and around the world have tuned in to LI’s free webinars since they began streaming from LI Studios in 2011.  In 2015 alone, 1,845 viewers watched LI’s 22 webinars.

LI’s Wednesday Wake-up Club Breakfasts hosted 1,067 attendees and 12 speakers in 2015. Speakers included Right to Work President Mark Mix, Congressman Jim Jordan, and Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

The 44th National Fourth of July Conservative Soiree hosted 645 attendees.  This year’s featured speaker was Martha Boneta, a Virginia farmer, conservative activist, and LI graduate.

It’s been a good year at the Leadership Institute, and LI is excited about what 2016 has in store!

How has LI helped you?  Email Carol@LeadershipInstitute.org to share your story.  LI is always looking to spotlight faculty doing incredible things for the conservative movement, notable LI graduates making waves, and college students taking a stand on campus.