The Next Wave in the Conservative Movement
In November 2014, Senator Steve Daines became the third Republican to hold a Senate seat in his state in a century.  Winning by almost 18%, he became a Senator for Montana.

Steve DainesSteve is a fifth generation Montanan who started his early political experience as one of the youngest delegates for the 1984 Republican National Convention.  He was the president of College Republicans at Montana State University (MSU).  After graduating from MSU with a B.A. in Chemical Engineering, he went on to work in the private sector for 28 years. 

In 2012, Steve won his election to the House of Representatives as Congressman for Montana, which has one at-large seat – and he quickly got to work.

When asked about his experience in the House, Senator Daines explained, “I introduced bills that would address the challenges facing our nation and worked to move them through the committee process.  Through these efforts, I was rated the most effective first-term Representative for the 113th Congress by GovTrack.  Montanans sent me to Washington to be their voice and deliver results.  I am committed to continuing to work hard for Montanans as I serve them in the Senate.”

After an opportunity opened for conservatives to take the Senate, then-Congressman Daines decided to run.  He faced some tough challenges in this race, but he knew how to activate his grassroots supporters.

There's a new wave of support for the conservative movement.

 “Across the country, we are seeing Americans united behind traditional conservative ideals, such as reining in the federal government, protecting Americans from threats both abroad and here at home, and creating more good-paying jobs," said Senator Daines. "We must remain strong in our beliefs and work to effectively communicate how conservative solutions will get our nation back on track and promote economic opportunity.” 

Senator Daines’ campaign shows conservatives can win when they have the right message and know how to activate their grassroots supporters.  


Senator Daines learned how to activate his supporters after he took the Grassroots Campaign Workshop in Bozeman, Montana. 

“I’m thankful for the work that the Leadership Institute does to further conservative ideals that have shaped the future our nation for future generations,” he said.

The Grassroots Training Workshop teaches conservatives effective grassroots and campaigning organizing.  Attendees learn how to get involved, drive support for an issue or candidate, organize activists in large or small groups for maximum impact, communicate more effectively, use the media to help advance an issue, and build personal leadership skills, abilities and confidence. 


The Leadership Institute thanks Senator Daines for his dedication to conservative principles and congratulates him for receiving LI’s Conservative Leader Award. 

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