The Science of Fascination
Last Wednesday the Leadership Institute hosted its biweekly webinar and the topic was fascinating.  Peggy Grande visited LI studios to discuss the science of fascination during the free live webinar Lead, Live, and Be Fascinating.

Peggy GrandePeggy had the opportunity to work with one of the most fascinating individuals in history -- Ronald Reagan.  She began the webinar discussing how her work with Reagan shaped her perspective on the science of fascination.  

What made him uniquely fascinating and why are we still analyzing his life and leadership?  What can we learn from his life that we can apply to our own?

Peggy answered these questions and offered insight into this iconic leader.  She told us about the secrets to his effectiveness.  How the life and presidency of Ronald Reagan can guide you and I toward greater personal success and shapes us professionally to be our best self.

President Reagan was truly a fascinating man, and the lessons you and I can learn from his unique personality certainly make us better people.

But still, I wondered, what makes me the most fascinating person?  Sure, Ronald Reagan was fascinating and how he used his natural qualities to his advantage was great.  But, how do I do this?  What makes me different and how do they make me the most valuable to others? 

Peggy had the answer.  Whether you are looking for a new job, moving up in your current career, or changing careers, it is essential to know how you uniquely

add value.  Trying to be “better” or “more” rarely works because it is subjective and constantly changing.  Instead, she suggests you find out what makes you different and then you should become more of that. 

This was truly a fascinating webinar.  Learning what makes each of us different, and then using that as an advantage, makes us unique in the work place.  

To hear Peggy talk about the science of fascination click here.  It will be fascinating, I promise.

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