LI’s Sacher Multimedia Center Gets a Makeover


For more than 15 years, the Leadership Institute’s Sacher Multimedia Center has been a resource for the conservative movement.

In 2015, the studio team upgraded the space to include a brand new studio classroom and lobby. The Sacher Multimedia Center now features the Norma Zimdahl Master Studio, a control room, a dedicated edit suite, and the new multi-purpose James Fishback Boreham Studio Classroom.

During Construction


New Studios and Classroom


This new state of the art technology will allow more media trainings to take place than ever before.  Attendees of this training receive expert feedback from a media coach to tailor their message before going on television.

Live from LI’s studio, Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform team regularly reports on liberal abuses and bias on college campuses as guests on national news networks.

In the same studios, LI’s campus programs staff create engaging videos for college students to learn the skills to become activists on their campuses.

The Sacher Multimedia Center even offers a FREE live webinar series which empowers conservative activists to take action in their communities.

All of this is possible thanks to the support of the Leadership Institute’s generous donors.

Find out how the Leadership Institute’s Studios can help you!  Contact LI Director of Studios Aaron Reese.


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