Kentucky Entrepreneur Leads toward Conservative Environmentalism
“My advice to emerging leaders is to stay true to your values. Make honesty and integrity a priority in everything you do," said Nate Morris of Rubicon Global.

Nate, co-founder of Rubicon Global and trusted friend of Sen. Rand Paul (KY), has proven himself a strong leader in the private sector as well as the conservative movement.

Nate was one of former President George W. Bush’s youngest fundraisers.

He has become a trusted advisor and friend of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  Since the two became friends, Nate has traveled to Israel with the Senator and helped with fundraising efforts.

Nate grew up in Kentucky with a natural inclination towards politics.  He began working on campaigns at a young age and was an active member of his College Republicans chapter.  During his undergraduate studies at the George Washington University, Nate attended the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School.

“At the Leadership Institute's Youth Leadership School I learned how to be a better manager and leader.  I also learned that even at a young age I could be capable of making a difference through public service,” said Nate.

As he began his professional journey, Nate continued to make an incredible impact in politics.

After attending Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, Nate brought his conservative ideals to the private sector and founded Rubicon Global, North America's leading provider of sustainable waste and recycling services.

Rubicon Global helps businesses reduce costs, lower overhead, and keep waste out of landfills.

“We believe technology combined with a market-based approach is the key to solving the problem of waste,” said Nate.

While working hard to provide sustainable, market-based solutions to some of our nation’s environmental concerns, Nate has not left his lifelong passion for politics behind.  “Working on campaigns at a young age gave me the opportunity to meet some of our nation's smartest and most hardworking people,” said Nate.

Nate has made great success for himself by pursuing free market solutions to environmental problems, and he persistently lends his efforts to candidates and elected officials who promote freedom and prosperity.

“The Leadership Institute has helped me become a better leader and more effectively communicate why I believe in conservative ideals,” said Nate.

Please congratulate Nate Morris on his work as an entrepreneur and as a conservative fundraiser, and please applaud him for receiving LI’s Conservative Leader Award.

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