Three LI staffers and nine LI graduates are on the 30 Under 30 List
Clarity Media’s Red Alert Politics annual “30 Under 30” list highlighting young, conservative movers-and-shakers featured three Leadership Institute (LI) staffers and nine people that are graduates of LI training.


Caleb Bonham, editor-in-chief of LI’s Campus Reform, launched his career in political media after a video of him interviewing Sandra Fluke supporters quickly went viral. Caleb is regular guest on several Fox News programs.

Lauren Day, director of external affairs at the Leadership Institute, was also featured on the 30 Under 30 List in 2014. She oversees LI's brand reputation and public image externally through building strategic partnerships, while managing marketing and communication activities.

Also appearing on Red Alert’s list is Katherine Timpf, a reporter at LI’s Campus Reform. Katherine’s work exposing liberal abuse, waste, fraud and bias on college campuses has appeared regularly on Fox and Friends, Drudge Report and other national news outlets. Recently, Katherine has been a guest on Fox’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.


A campus correspondent for LI’s Campus Reform Jayson Veley, a junior at Eastern Connecticut State University, first started to expose liberal bias and abuse for Campus Reform when he sent an audio clip to the news website of his creative writing professor attacking conservatives in the classroom.

His professor lectured the class that Republicans intended to close colleges in 2014 and “racist, misogynist, money-grubbing people” want to suppress the liberal vote. Thanks to his LI training, Jayson appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File and the professor was forced to publicly apologize.

Founder and Director of Hood Conservatives, Cecilia Johnson is a graduate of the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School.

RNC’s Para Bellum Labs Creative Director Justin LoFranco has taken four Leadership Institute trainings including the Comprehensive Online Activist School, the International Leadership Training, the Political Voter Mail Workshop and the Advanced Public Relations School.

Americans for Tax Reform’s State Affairs Manager William Upton has taken the Leadership Institute’s Advanced Student Publications Workshop.

Montana State Representative Daniel Zolnikov has taken the Leadership Institute’s Grassroots Activist School.

Press Secretary for the Office of Congressman Tom Price Ellen Carmichael has taken the Leadership Institute’s Grassroots Campaign School.

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s Digital Press Secretary Andrew Clark has taken the Leadership Institute’s Grassroots Campaign School.

Colorado RNC’s Strategic Initiatives Director Paulo Sibaja was director of grassroots coalitions at LI prior to working for the RNC in Colorado. He has been a faculty speaker at several Leadership Institute trainings and is a graduate of the Youth Leadership School.

Concerned Women for America’s Communications Director Alison Howard has taken four Leadership Institute trainings including the Crisis Communication Workshop, the Intro to Techniques Television Workshop, the On-Camera Television Workshop and the Public Relations School.