LI's 2013 Employee of the Year

"Our 2013 Employee of the Year is Christopher Doss," Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell said in yesterday's all-staff meeting.

"Chris personally organized 46 trainings in 2013.  Working almost every weekend, Chris trained 2,268 of the 10,062 total students LI trained domestically," Morton continued.

"Put another way, Chris was responsible for more than 22 percent of all of LI’s domestic training in 2013," Morton said.

"Chris has worked diligently to establish strong relationships with dozens of organizations," Morton said. 

"Chris is a team player who is always willing to help other departments," Morton said. "Whether it is lecturing for another department or taking an intern to lunch to discuss conservative philosophy, Chris is willing to go above and beyond the scope of his job."

Congratulations Chris!