LI’s 2013 in Review
This past year—2013—was record-breaking for the Leadership Institute!

LI’s staff and 215 volunteer faculty trained 10,062 students nationally and 15,614 students internationally—the most ever in any year of the Institute’s 34-year history—bringing the total trained to 143,062 since its 1979 founding.


LI hosted 403 trainings in 42 states and 14 countries.

In 2013, these 403 trainings covered 37 types of LI trainings as varied as On-Camera TV trainings, week-long Campaign Management Schools and Comprehensive Fundraising Trainings, Grassroots Activism Workshops, Issues That Unite: Latinos & Conservatism workshops, Public Relations Schools, and Career Trainings.

Many of the 521 articles that LI’s published made national news, making the site America’s #1 source for campus news online with 3,762,485 unique visitors.

LI’s national field program employed 15 fall field representatives who helped conservative students bring 304 new, independent student groups into LI’s unique network of 1,485 student groups on 618 college campuses—the largest such network in the country.  

LI’s 6,999 job seekers had 1,672 available jobs posted to peruse on LI’s website. LI’s Career Services Center hosted 1,043 attendees at job fairs and offered 103 hours of personal career mentoring for free.

LI’s free live webinars featured 32 speakers in 2013 with a total of 1,609 students who watched and participated through the live chat features.

LI’s Wednesday Wakeup Club Breakfasts hosted 1,226 attendees and 10 speakers in 2013.  In October, LI hosted the most widely attended breakfast since the program began in 1997; there were 209 guests who heard from Senator Mike Lee. 

LI’s 42nd National Fourth of July Conservative Soiree hosted 977 attendees and a record-breaking number of 26 partnering organizations.

LI’s 33 interns came from 25 colleges, 17 states, 5 countries, and spent 6,103 hours combined in LI training.

It’s been a good year at the Leadership Institute, and we are excited about what 2014 has in store!

How has LI helped you? Email to share your story. We are always looking to spotlight faculty doing incredible things for the conservative movement, notable LI graduates making waves, and college students standing for liberty.